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Onsite Training Services


Rossi Group believes that everything starts with training.  With Rossi Group there is no add-on cost for training for our clients. Training is a solution we bring to your company as part of your service  offering.  This is what you would expect from your onsite manager and this is what you will get with Rossi Group.    From one-on-one training to group training, training is a core essential job function that employees, supervisors and managers should have in his or her tool-box. Employee, supervisor and management growth starts with a great company culture and training your employees to take on larger responsibilities, while holding employees accountable and leading by example. Rossi Group will customize training plans based on what you need. 


Angelina Rossi is recognized for her training style and her ability to connect employees, managers and supervisors to customized interactive and engaging training sessions. Training is not a once-a-year or semi-annual event.  Training is an essential core job function that adds to company growth, employee development and reduces company liability.


Rossi Group provides all training material and brings the training onsite to maximize the training session.  If you are not a current client and are interested in Training Services, Rossi Group offers pricing options for Training Services only. 


To schedule your training today, please submit the training form below or call us at 909-782-7969. 

Harassment, Bullying & Discrimination Training
(Compliant with AB 1825, AB 2053 and AB 1443)

Rossi Group has developed and delivers customized interactive Harassment, Bullying & Discrimination Awareness Training for both supervisors and non-supervisory employees (compliant with AB 1825, CA Sexual Harassment training law for companies with 50 or more employees; AB 2053 "abusive conduct" and AB 1443 "unpaid interns or volunteers"). Workplace law in California is constantly changing and evolving to adapt to the ever-changing employer-employee relationships. Rossi Group takes pride in developing training material that also adapts to the constant changes. 


The workplace bullying module complies with California's newly amended AB 1825, which adds AB 2053 to training requirements.  The new AB 2053 "abusive conduct", which was implemented to specifically address abusive behavior in the workplace. With workplace bullying on the rise, Rossi Group is pleased to announce that we have added this platform to the Harassment & Discrimination Awareness training module as required under the newly amended AB1825.  Don't let workplace bullies undermine your legitimate business interests with their personal agendas.  Don't let workplace bullies take precedence over work itself.  Don't let workplace bullies work to destroy your company and your company's reputation.  


This training also complies under the new AB 1443, which now adds "unpaid interns or volunteers" to the list of individuals protected from harassment starting 2015.  This law will be especially significant for non-profits and other organizations that use volunteers or interns.  Rossi Group stresses the importance of protecting all employees from harassment in the workplace, including interns and volunteers. 


Who Qualifies as a Supervisor under AB1825?  

Employers are often exposed to unnecessary liability by failing to be aware of who is representing the company in a supervisory capacity. A supervisor is any individual who is able to undertake or recommend tangible employment actions and/or direct an employee’s daily work activities.


Under AB1825 compliance, Angelina Rossi, PHR, SHRM-CP is a qualified Subject Matter Expert as defined in AB1825 compliance requirements. Angelina’s comprehensive human resource experience, combined with her certifications through both HRCI (HR Certification Institute) and SHRM (Society for Human Resource Management), qualifies her to be a “trainer” under the statute.  Angelina has facilitated over 500 instructor-led training sessions in compliance with AB1825 for small to large companies throughout California.  Angelina successfully developed Discrimination and Harassment Awareness training modules for multi-state employers that comply with state specific statues and meets the compliance requirements for employers with employees in multi-state locations.   


Rossi Group brings this training to your worksite location. Let's make your workplace a healthy workplace free from all forms of harassment, bullying and discrimination!




Performance Management is every company's key to success!  Performance Management is guided and led through supervisors and managers.  Performance management is managed by the individual employee. 


If you are a manager, supervisor or in a leadership role and you are managing employee performance, let's work together to change the ownership of this responsibility. Employee's become successful when managing his or her performance. Managers and supervisors fail when he or she manages performance outside of their own. 



Hiring is more than checking boxes and finding people to warm seats.  Hiring right for your company needs to be a top-priority and training is essential for decision makers and interviewers. With recent changes in employment laws pertaining to background and credit checks, employers need to heavily rely on the interview process and techniques used to bring in the right people for the right job or fitting the job to the right person. 


Not all hiring techniques will fit all companies.  Some companies hire based on behavioral interviewing because behavioral interviewing is objective. Some hire based on knowledge and skills so new hires can hit the floor running.  Some hire based on education because it's a requirement and/or it makes the company appear to have the best of the best. Last but not least, most recently the most trending hiring technique - hiring based on attitude.  Yes attitude is subjective, but is a hiring tool that most companies are turning to.  You can train an employee with knowledge and skills but you cannot change an employee's attitude! 


Rossi Group will structure your training based on what best fits your unique hiring needs. 


Managing human resources is not what you signed up for!  HR-101 will add tools to your manager or supervisor tool-box.


You need to know the basics because your employee's do!  Your employee's have been accurately or inaccurately educated through past experience, media, social media and through friends.  Stay a step ahead!  Remember, past behavior is a predictor for future behavior. With a click of a search engine, your employees may already have a plan.  Let's be prepared and accurately educated with the basics of HR-101.   


The most difficult job for any supervisor and manager is Employee Coaching & Documentation.  It's emotional, time consuming and if handled incorrectly, it can be costly!  In some cases, it can be aggravating, argumentative and intimidating.


These are by far the most difficult conversations next to separating employees from employment.  However, without effective employee coaching and without accurate documentation, employees become unmanageable and managers lose credibility and lose the ability to demonstrate leadership skills.  On the other hand, there are bad managers that misuse employee coaching to manage by intimidation.


Rossi Group has structured this training to include workshops and role-playing so that your managers and supervisors will feel confident, comfortable and maintain professionalism when placed in these types of situations.  Your managers and supervisors will receive extensive training on documentation, which will substantially reduce your company's liability exposure. Your managers and supervisors will learn to manage emotional conversations and master the ability to keep the conversation focused on the behavior and not the person.

To schedule a training session or to obtain additional information, please submit the form below.

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