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For immediate assistance, please contact:
 HR Compliance 
Direct Phone: 800-557-2738 | Office: 888-214-5617 | Fax: 909-524-4815

Rossi Group is your Human Resource Department and maintains your employee records, at your worksite location.  All requests for review and/or to request a  copy of your employee records, may be submitted in writing.  


You may also contact us at 1-800-557-2738. You will receive a copy of your employee file/records in accordance with applicable state laws.


This form may also be used to request a review of your employee file. 


Please be sure to include your full name and company name. 


Note: This form is to be used by the requesting employee.  Supervisors requesting information or if you have received a subpoena and/or a request to produce employee records, please call 909-782-7969 so that we may respond accordingly.

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