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If you are looking for a human resource manager to manage the human resource functions of your company, Rossi Group is what you are looking for.  If you need to build a human resource department from the ground up, Rossi Group is what you are looking for. If you are looking to restructure your human resource department, reduce costs and bring compliance and updated policies to your company, Rossi Group is what you need and we are ready to move at your pace.  If you are in a PEO model that is too robust for your company and far too expensive, Rossi Group is experienced in bringing your human resource department back in-house and in your control.    


Previously working for a PEO (Professional Employer Organization) for more than 10-years, I have spoken to hundreds of clients from multiple industries and truly learned what clients expect from a company that provides human resource services and solutions.  The one size fits all approach and boilerplate templates does not work for today's business owner and is not the long-term business solution for your company's unique human resource needs.  Rossi Group was built from listening to what client's wanted and need for their businesses.  Clients are looking for a human resource manager to manage their company's human resource functions, processes, administrative paperwork and employees from an in-house and personal perspective and without the high compensation package of employing a full-time, onsite human resource manager.  Today’s business owners are looking for a customized approach, tailored to the unique human resource needs for their companies and employees. Business owners are looking for a cost effective solution in managing a key department that could be very costly to any business, of any size, if not managed in compliance. Rossi Group offers business owners a cost effective solution.

































Rossi Group is YOUR HUMAN RESOURCE DEPARTMENT and it is our pleasure to customize services to fit your unique needs.  Call us at 909-782-7969 to discuss customized services.


From building and managing your human resource department,  to training your employees and becoming part of your team, Rossi Group has a solution that will fit your unique needs.  The list below is a brief overview of boutique services and not an inclusive comprehensive list of services.  Rossi Group is your human resource department and will customize a solution to meet your company's unique needs.


Rossi Group HR is your comprehensive human resource department.  This is our all-inclusive service, which includes onsite support and training solutions.  Comprehensive services includes all Solution Offerings. Rossi Group HR is YOUR HUMAN RESOURCE DEPARTMENT.


  • Compliance assistance, auditing, recommendations;

  • PEO Management;

  • Assistance in transitioning out of a PEO to in-house HR;

  • Customized HR Projects;

  • and much, much more.


  • Harassment, Bullying & Discrimination Awareness;                          

  • Organizational Strategy

  • Hiring-to-Firing | HR-101

  • Promoting, Demoting, PIP | Performance Management

  • Employee Coaching, Discipline & Documentation;

  • Recruiting, Retention & Rewards | Hiring-101

  • Detecting & Preventing Workplace Violence;

  • Manage your Career | Employee Development Workshop

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