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Employee Leave Link - Leave of Absence


The Employee Leave Link is a dedicated platform which allows employees to submit a leave of absence request directly to human resources.  Your human resource manager will work with you and your direct manager to coordinate your request. 


A leave of absence (LOA) is a period of time that an employee must be away from his or her primary job, while maintaining the status of employee.  As a company benefit, your employer offers a leave of absence program, which allows employees to be away from work, generally requested by an employee, to cover unusual or unexpected circumstances occurring in the employee's life.  The leave of absence is used when the employee's time off from work is unplanned or will be for an extended period of time.  There are many types of leave of absences.  Please refer to your company's employee handbook for a detailed policy, which will outline this benefit. If you have any questions on the type of leave you may need, please contact human resources at 909-782-7969.


All supporting documentation for leave requests must be submitted to human resources at  You may also fax your documentation to 909-524-4815. Please be sure that your documentation does not include any health protected information, such as diagnosis, medical condition or any information related to family history or genetic information. 


You may submit your leave of absence request by using the form below.  PLEASE DO NOT INCLUDE ANY HEALTH PROTECTED INFORMATION IN YOUR REQUEST FORM.  


Leave of Absence Request



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Leave of Absence Extension Request
This form is for employees currently out on an approved leave of absence and may need additional time off.  This form must be submitted prior to your scheduled return to work date.  Submitting this form is not an approval for additional time off.  This decision will be made by your employer and based on business needs. 


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Return to Work Notification
This form must be submitted by any employee returning from any type of leave of absence.  This will allow human resources to update your return to work status accurately.  



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